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Maddening (2)

Click here to read Maddening Part (1) *** So that a sensation of calmness is revived within me and I allow myself to be borne away by it as I sink in a condition between comma and sleep. I stay in that state : whether it was to be measured in minutes ,centuries or […]



( unedited) His wretchedness kept drawing from me silent tears and so every other night I gifted myself a few tearful minutes before sinking into repose. Well, no sooner had I wiped the last bead of tear on my cheek than somebody else’s whimpers followed. Theirs began slowly, then vehemently rung in my ears like […]


(Revised) It was at the park where I sat with my feelings on one of those evenings, when the cause of my blues was not something new anywhere around a solution yet. I wanted to depart for any places at all that was not this place. I wanted to be free from this union. Whilst […]

Torn withinside

(unedited) by Rehema “Everyone manages it without fussing,” that has always been the creed. A kind of insidious pressure that kept gnawing at me. Well, I must say I equally put up a good fight but this could only stretch to a certain magnitude where it became so overwhelming to stay closed up. And each […]


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My name is Sifa Rehema.Author of this blog & this is “Memoir of Me”

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