A conversation due

By Rehema (unedited) As I sit on my bed, my body is in repose but not quite in repose because beneath my skin, my muscles are tensed up, anxiety keeps building ulcers in the pits of my stomach whilst in the inner recesses of my heart I become oppressed not by apprehension or fear but […]

Madness unto Sanity

By Rehema Something bad is about to happen. It is already in the room. I can feel the pressure and terror that is like a twisted cord running down the centre of my body. This unknown thing frightens and shakes my existence. Then, I begin to wait. I wait and wait some more but then […]

Ripples of your Words

By Rehema Even though we spoke about it last time, I have this feeling at the pit of my stomach that our conversation ended so rapidly and prematurely. That those words which came out of my mouth were not in any way congruent with my brain and perhaps. Perhaps that’s why you recognized the cracks […]

The Confession

By Rehema When I pick up my phone and receive the call, my father speaks in a voice I have not heard from him before. His tone sees a tinge of authority on his attitude, mild but evident and it’s heat has me rapidly gulping the pint of Glen I was enjoying. I imagine he […]

Beneath Sorrow

I wonder what they will put on my gravestone. I wonder what name would go on my epitaph but I can affirm one that would not and that is “mother.” For this responsibility can only be determined by another person who decides on how you will be remembered. Thus, when this letter reaches your hands […]

Mariam-akin- Muziki – Vocalist

YOUR STORY Nothing more exciting than meeting new people , hearing their stories and being inspired Who is Mariam-Akin-Muziki? I am Godly, a simple and driven character, a singer, songwriter, voice coach and live performer. Having studied,created & even teach music,did you always know this was something you wanted to do? Yes. My interest in […]

Jenisa Shawn- Make- up Artist

YOUR STORY EO3 I think you know you’ve found someone special when you meet them for the first time,and it feels like you’re just picking up where you left off .You look at them and think ” where have you been?” What inspired you to become a Make Up Artist? I have always drawn my […]


By Sifa Remmy “With regard to the murder of Fadhil Nuru the court suspends your sentence.With regard to the murder of Wema Nuru the court suspends your sentence.With regard to the possession of illegal firearm,” Judge Imani now shifts her gaze towards me.”The court hereby sentences you to a minimum of five years imprisonment.” I […]