Sharon Omondi-Model & Special Needs Educator.


Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.”

Tell us a little bit about Sharon as a child?

I was quite a sociable kid growing up and I have since managed to keep in touch with most of my childhood friends. I was brilliant when it came to class work and the leadership roles I was assigned.I was also active in co- curricula activities and this saw me participate in music festivals and athletics games.

When did you find the passion and purpose to become a model?

I have been blessed with a modelling physique .I am 5’8ft and growing up people would always associate me as being a model since I had the ‘American height,’ and I think over the years I got intrigued by it .Hence,when I joined University I got the chance to participate in the school’s beauty pageants.

In 2019/2020 I was among the Kenyatta University finalists and also the same year (2019), I got crowned Miss Onagi second runners up.However,with time I realised that there’s more to modelling as it involves service to humanity.Thus, when I become a beauty queen,I intend to use that opportunity to create more awareness on autism being that I am also a special needs educator.

What has the modelling journey taught you so far?

Modelling has provided me with insights on personal branding.During training, I have learnt a lot on proper grooming such as ;doing seamless undies that do not leave a panty line, pairing the right color of undies and an attire, how to choose the correct bra cup size for myself, getting trained on the correct sitting posture that exudes confidence and composure and just to say the least ,modelling has taught me the art of team work.That sometimes all we need is to come together as a team to co- create our reality through Modelling routines.

How would you describe your sense of style and fashion?

I would describe my sense of style and fashion as being classy and elegant.Well,I am not sure if I have attained my desired goal when it comes to that but I believe how I style ,dress myself up with a dash of make up effortlessly speaks for itself and gives me confidence.About dressing up ,l love originality and I am looking forward to invest and incorporate loads of Ankara prints in my wardrobe.

Any model you looking up to and why?

I have a newly found Favorite Model.Her name is Olivia Yace(Miss World Cote d’ Ivoire)My goodness!, she is extremely gorgeous and her dark skin is to die for.She struts the runway like she means it.She speaks with an eloquence and imbues the characteristics of a cultured and refined lady and with that, I find her quite admirable.

Do you think there is a criterion to be met in order for one to become a model?

Well,in all honesty, I do not see why they put limitations sometimes to being a model. I believe that as long as it’s your passion and you learn how to perfectly walk, then you can become the next top model or queen. I am glad that nowadays the modelling industry appreciates curves and even sets aside beauty events for them.

Modelling as an industry has it’s own challenges and at times it’s at crossroads with our principles.Where do you draw the line?

Modelling sort of teaches you to keep an open mind and when I look at a nude photo, I don’t perceive nakedness.I perceive a beautiful work of art,and for a bikini, my goodness why hide that body if its a bikini body?As long as you keep your ground and know your value, then nothing can really sway you.

How would you advise anyone dealing with the capitalist idea of how beautiful should look like?

Acceptance.Accepting that you beautiful just the way you are.When I was younger people would sometimes joke of how tall I am or how petite I am and it used to take a toll on me. Nowadays ,when I wake up I look at the mirror and affirm that I am beautiful and I love everything about me .I am also keen in choosing what I wear because I want to feel confident and by that nobody gets a chance to degrade me.I feel unshakable.

What do you enjoy most in being a special needs educator?

I enjoy being a special needs educator in various aspects.I do not think there are people who have much joy as special children.Their love is so genuine and pure.I have grown to be more patient and compassionate.Special children are very innocent and they need alot of love in order for them not to feel demeaned in any way.

What are the challenges you encounter whilst handling special education students?

Most special kids are intellectually challenged, so one has to take extra caution whilst dealing with them.Some even need help with toileting and they constantly need to be watched,you need to check if the gate is locked or why they are taking too long in the toilet as they might be into something mischievous.Well,even when it comes to academics, they learn but take alot of time to grasp information, which they could easily forget if left for a while.

Do you think the government is putting effort in handling matters disability?

I would say the Government is really trying when it comes to setting up schools for them, providing them with accommodation and that too including them in the constitution through amendments bills among other things is quite commendable. Nonetheless, I feel like there is more to be done.The Government ought to do better especially in creating awareness about special education.

What’s that one thing you feel people need to know about special kids?

Nobody chooses a way in which they are born and that does not exclude special kids.We all got to learn to treat them with caution and care because they are also created in the image and likeness of God. They deserve love too, an education and inclusion in sports too.

How do you get inspired?

Every morning, before I leave the bed.I talk words of affirmations to myself.I believe that once you have a positive mindset, everything in your life becomes a bed of roses.

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2 thoughts on “Sharon Omondi-Model & Special Needs Educator.

  1. Acceptance, affirmation and Patience is the real deal. Handling special kids is not an easy job. It needs a lot of caution and patience, not everyone can do it. You’re really doing a good job Sharon. I wish you more opportunities and success in your modeling journey 🙏.


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