By Sifa Remmy

“With regard to the murder of Fadhil Nuru the court suspends your sentence.With regard to the murder of Wema Nuru the court suspends your sentence.With regard to the possession of illegal firearm,” Judge Imani now shifts her gaze towards me.”The court hereby sentences you to a minimum of five years imprisonment.”

I do not know if I believe in hell but if it had a sound it would be the stifled howl from my sister. The howl that quickened my pulse, sending shivers down my spine.At first when I picked up her call ,it was the babbling of words which came out as gibberish but when I managed to catch the words “please come“, my anxiety was immediately tipped.The pit of my stomach had a sinking feeling.A feeling I had slipped through before to know that a storm was looming.

I knew that such a day would come.That when it did,I would have braced myself up for it  but even so ,I did not anticipate it would be that sooner.Her howl was the drop after the long silence of being horrifically abused ,belittled and assaulted.The  silence that stayed long enough,to survive within the structure that the abuser constructed for her.The silence that stayed long with her until she would not hold any longer. The silence that was suffocating her slow making her incoherent because it was finally erupting.That was the silence that carried a hodload of her personal hell in marriage for more than five years.

And just maybe. Maybe her voice was something I would have given anything to un do but she was so absorbed in her misery that she did not see how it spewed stains on me too .There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. I would have given my life for her. I would have killed for her but she was way too closeted .Even if I could she would not have allowed  me to and perhaps, she was right.I might have wished it but I did not mean it.Nonetheless ,the urgency in her voice propelled me to drive to her place so fast.It was this urgency that had anger seep through me and with it came a loathing so fierce ,that I had to load my arm ,a necessity, just incase. I  pulled over and ran through a flight of stairs to her house.The door was already flung open .

When I stepped in,stale air hit my nose and immediately there was a stirring of a warning in my gut,an unfamiliar voice saying maybe I should not touch anything.I kept holding my gun so firmly.I quickly glanced the entire room ,until my gaze rested on the floor.There I saw blood.Droplets of it skirted on the floor forming a trail that led to one of the rooms . I knew I had seen more than enough to know that something was a miss but still my curiosity was piqued. I began touching everything and when I imagined it was my sister’s blood,I got carried away by anxiety , dropped the shot gun and followed the trail stepping on the slick drops, running through them, my feet forming a smudge.It was messy.A crime scene already tampered with.

The trail stopped at the bathroom.There it was ,the body, face down. His body lay in an awkward slump against the slippery bathroom floor.It was too tempting a mystery to retrieve from,so I knelt close enough and turned him on the side so that he lay flat on his back.Immediately, there was a cloud of flies hovering on top of it .Then a rotting smell that kept growing more pungent.His chest was metted with blood,a lot of it,it smeared my hand at the first shift of his body.Seemingly ,he was dead for a couple of hours.Before I knew it ,the sound of a gun shot went off from the living room .I remember feeling a wave of terror surge through me.When I dashed to the lounge,I saw my sister.She stood in front of me staggering, her arms dangling at her side as she went down in a graceless heap , pitching forward, crashing her head on the floor and then the entire body falling with a thud.

There was too much blood.She was dead. The horror of what happened before my eyes,etched on my face. Everything felt so surreal.My mind was trying to wrap itself around the sudden change of events and when they arrived, nobody asked me right away .I did not know what to say and when they did,they waited to see what I was going to say but my silence stretched long and uncomfortable.Maybe that was trauma whether I felt it or not.Nobody speaks coherently in the happening or in the direct aftermath of such a horrible experience anyways.Well,I did not know I was going to speak untill the moment I was cuffed and interrogated,then the words were already out.

“I did not do it” . I stuck with those words keeping my emotions at bay ,not trying to incriminate myself .It is that thing about not allowing oneself to be pacified, because as it is, the men in uniform use psychological manipulation to get the confession. Even as they cared to listen to my side of the story, I had already paved way to fate. There was no undoing it. A suicide and murder was already pinned on me. And as it is,death leaves something that could have been but never was.I thought , just maybe if I was not armed then there would be no suicide and if there was no suicide both of us would end up behind bars but death is final, and these thoughts engraved in my mind can never be assigned to oblivion.I am sad about her death but grateful that I am the one run through with disaster and not her. For this once she gets her share of  peace.The peace she was denied whilst living.

2 thoughts on “Nuru

  1. I love me an article about crime and justice…..there is always something to learn about the court system……..good job Rehema


  2. The turn of events in this story is so breathe taking and got me sitted on the edge of the chair. It is such a masterpiece and I’ve enjoyed reading all through. Good job Remmy😍.


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