Unedited I had not done much of anything for the past few months and it feels as though I have mastered this concept of my reality more than I would ever imagine.I cannot count how many days I have been drained and defeated but I know that each day felt more or less of the […]

This is my penance

Unedited He was everything to me and that’s what scared me the most. My entire existence revolved around him.I had fallen in love with what he represented ,so I thought but this pain sensation constricting my throat refutes the idea.I leave the premises.I stumble on the backseat of the taxi .My chest heaving up and […]

Drowning Within

Unedited I step into the bathroom and shut the door right behind me.I undress myself and notice the mirror infront of me.I don’t want to look at my reflection because I can see me with my own eyes.These are my wounds.The wounds that are healing,the ones that are forming scabs,those that have healed but are […]

Living Memories

Unedited Everything was done according to her last will inclusive of how her burial rites and funeral arrangement would be conducted.I couldn’t help but wonder how Norah was so organized even at her deathbed.I remember how she kept insisting that her earlier funeral preparation will help a great deal. She even went ahead to tell […]

Good Riddance

It’s been a month since I moved into my new house and apparently I am finding it difficult to adjust to this new environ.The first time I set foot here the scene was horrible.The space was all messy, filthy as a pigsty,covered by the skunky smell of weed and it felt as though a hurricane […]

The battle on my knees

It seems like the devil has been keeping me in cycles this year and this time I could not bear the pain for it seemed like a recurring nightmare.Come on ,it has to get better at some point, repeating the same thing is absurd Sleepless , exhausted yet kept alert by emotions that crackled through […]

The Untold Voices

Unedited I stayed teary as I continued to shove my head in my pillow because he touched me one too many times and yet he continues to do so even in my mental state. I was about sixteen going on seventeen and the physical pain was less compared to how my mind hurt.I try to […]

Scraps of Grace

Unedited “The things that love can do,logic may never comprehend hence,all the sacrifice, forgiveness,trust and commitment are often torturous without love.” Coming from a Junubi home, family relaxation has never been a part of my ubringing.It was a privilege I was never accorded to since childhood and so life consisted of running endless errands for […]

Lost Hearts

Dear friend, Change closed in on us on silent feet.Not even in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine the gap there is between us right now.I look back at two beautiful girls ,full of love, girls who stood by each other in the good and the bad . Everyone thought of us as being […]

We are Royalty!

It’s just outlandish how people decide to single out one specific shade and discriminate against. The worst is that we as a people are our own enemy.It’s so tragic that the african society has been divided by how dark or light we are.Women oozing with dark melanin and owning their dark skin tend to experience […]