In the clutches of Grief

I remember not crying during the entire spectacle. I remember begging my tears to come out but they refused. Instead, they turned out into thoughts which were as painful and an equal dose to the tears I should have shed on that very impulse. Hence, these thoughts have continued to churn within me years later, […]

Ripples of your words

By Silpah ( Sifa) Rehema Even though we spoke about it last time, I have this feeling at the pit of my stomach that our conversation ended so rapidly and prematurely. That those words which came out of my mouth were not in any way congruent with my brain and perhaps. Perhaps that’s why you […]

The Confession

By Rehema When I pick up my phone and receive the call, my father speaks in a voice I have not heard from him before. His tone sees a tinge of authority on his attitude, mild but evident and it’s heat has me rapidly gulping the pint of Glen I was enjoying. I imagine he […]

Beneath Sorrow

I wonder what they will put on my gravestone. I wonder what name would go on my epitaph but I can affirm one that would not and that is “mother.” For this responsibility can only be determined by another person who decides on how you will be remembered. Thus, when this letter reaches your hands […]

Pieces Of Me

By Rehema Unedited ( Continuation of thoughts on my previous story titled -SIFA ) I rest my head on the pillow, squeezing my eyes shut hoping that this storm that rages within me will soon be over but I can’t. For sleep evades me and I am left to feel the chiming of hours from […]


By Sifa Remmy “With regard to the murder of Fadhil Nuru the court suspends your sentence.With regard to the murder of Wema Nuru the court suspends your sentence.With regard to the possession of illegal firearm,” Judge Imani now shifts her gaze towards me.”The court hereby sentences you to a minimum of five years imprisonment.” I […]

Broken Rosary

By Sifa Remmy Mama has always been overly pious and heeding to her call meant prayers from different men of cloth of various sects.Well,If such meant to put a smile on her face or grant her good health then so be it.Hence, when mama calls ,each one of us is forced to board the next […]


By Sifa Remmy (unedited) With Love Silpah….. There is something about me wondering who I am , when life itself feels like a prologue and everything else banal.The thoughts on this question are stuck with me like a leech which is not aware of how repugnant it is .Hence,each time I try to shake off […]

This is the day I die

By Sifa Remmy He stands next to me wearing a lab coat as he carefully examines my face, eyes,tongue, turning my head from side to side.He goes ahead to run a whole host of symptoms. “Fever” “Yes” “Joint pains” “Headache” “Yes ,yes ,yes “ He continues to study his clipboard and from the look on […]